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Why Choose

Genesis Crown Consultancy

Archie L. Alston II, the Principal of Genesis Crown Consultancy is focused on coaching small business owners through all phases of the Entrepreneurial Life Cycle. From Opportunity Recognition to Maturity and Expansion, he has the business acumen and legal training to articulate the concepts needed to create and build any company.

His clients include:

Before dedicating himself to partnering with small businesses, Archie honed his craft with a career that spanned 20+ years in Fortune 100 companies, elite law firms and non-profit development.  A Chemical Engineering degree from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and a Law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law provided Archie with the foundation needed to thrive in business.  

That foundation was the base for a career that has spanned roles at ExxonMobil and Capital One where he developed his business acumen and Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt where he advised clients on Patent Law.  The knowledge gained while employed by these titans in their respective business areas will be brought to bear on your company as you partner with Genesis Crown Consultancy to bring your dream to fruition. 

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