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Business and Legal Consulting Services

Navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship requires a plan fueled by knowledge and executed with deliberate action. Genesis Crown Consultancy, leads its partners through all phases of the Entrepreneurial Life Cycle. From Opportunity Recognition (the "Genesis") to Maturity and Expansion (the "Crown"), and all points in between.

Our Services

Our approach is built around elevating each business by understanding the aspirations and unique abilities of our customers and partnering with them to reach their goals.

Our Services

Supply Chain Optimization

Business Optimization

Legal Consulting/


Start-Up Consulting


"When I partnered with Archie, I had an empty space and a dream. From lease signing, to naming and branding, through securing investors and ultimately the launch, Genesis Crown Consultancy was fully invested in my success. UHS WOULD NOT HAVE OPENED WITHOUT GENESIS CROWN CONSULTANCY.  PERIOD!" 


Kelli Lemon

Urban Hang Suite

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